Dubai Cruise in January 2012

Set sail from the incredible world city of Dubai on this exciting cruise through the delights of the Middle East. Certainly one outside of the box, it stops in at several cities in the United Arab Emirates. After leaving Dubai, the first port of call is Fujairah, a city of unique geography within the emirates- rather than being flat and sandy, it is mountainous. Like elsewhere in the area, striking natural features of the region are contrasted with extremely modern and developed urban areas, making this and the other cities exhilarating to visit. Next is Muscat, one of the oldest cities in the area which has been open to tourists for only a few decades. Clean and beautifully manicured with long stretches of beach, it is a wonderful destination. before returning to the magnificent Dubai and spending a night there,  the cruise takes you to Abu Dhabi, where tranquil beaches and desert meet a vibrant and pumping city which is one of the wealthiest and safest tourist destinations in the world.

 Amazing Abu Dhabi
by Shenli Leong Flickr Creative Commons

Cruise Operator: Royal Caribbean 
Vessel: Brilliance of the Seas
Ports of Call: Fujairah, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai
Sailing Dates: Departs Mon 2 Jan, Arrives Mon 9 Jan 2012

Cruise Itinerary

Total length: 7 nights

 Day 1: Dubai- departing 18:00 Mon 2 Jan 2012
Day 2: Fujairah- 08:00- 17:00 Tues 3 Jan 2012
Day 3: Muscat- (Mina Qaboos) 09:00-00:00 Wed 4 Jan 2012
Day 4: Muscat- (Mina Qabos) 0:00-18:00 Thurs Jan 5 2012
Day 5: At sea
Day 6: Abu Dhabi- 08:00-18:00 Sat Jan 7 2012
Day 7: Dubai- 08:00-00:00 Sun Jan 8 2012
Day 8: Dubai

About the Brilliance of the Seas

Expect unforgettable views aboard the Brilliance with more windows, more glass panels and more balconies than previous ships. It has a rock-climbing wall, self-levelling billiard tables, pools, dance classes, a gym, casino, show lounge and Kid's Clubs for 7 different age groups. An italian restaurant, a steakhouse, a coffee house- the dining options are numerous. You'll wish for more sea days on this ship! Sit poolside, attend wine-tasting classes, take in a show or two, work out at the gym- on a Royal caribbean ship, your options are endless.

 Golfing aboard the Brilliance of the Seas
 by Rennet Stowe Flickr Creative Commons

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